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Boake Moore

You've heard it said, God works in mysterious ways. Well, that is true, but I have also found the God will work in some amazingly direct ways as well. I was treated to that direct way of God shortly after meeting a brother in Christ named Boake Moore. Boake is a man with a heart open to do the Lord's will.

Boake started a marvelous ministry to help kids called Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee. Please check it out. Buy some coffee from Mission Grounds!

Details about how the Bible Project works are below.

Bibles on the Streets of Atlanta

These particular Bibles, named The Gift, are from our friends at B & H Publishing and Lifeway Christian Stores. They are LARGE PRINT, New Testaments with the worship and wisdom of Psalms and Proverbs included. It also has a ninety day Devotional Guide.

The Bibles above were given out by Mom and Pop, Melody and Mike Vickers, from About My Daddy's Business on the streets of Atlanta. Each week, for years now, the Vickers have taken food to parks, under bridges and into the Hut Villages in and around Atlanta.

A week after the first Bibles were distributed, one of the ladies, pictured above and currently living on the streets told Mom and Pop, Thank you for a Bible I don't just have to look at, but on I can actually read.

Bible Project

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