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High School and Middle School Students

Backpacks are very helpful to people living on the street because they can use them to keep track of the few valued possessions, such a a blanket, gloves, first-aid kits and food, etc.

So, now I ask, "Hey kids, may we have your old backpack?" You know the one in the closet you haven't used for quite sometime? We would like to give you an opportunity to put that old backpack to work, doing GOOD! Do I have your interest? GOOD!

We can work with you, your group or organization to get things going in one of two ways:

  1. You can contact us to arrange the drop-off of your backpack or backpacks.

  2. You can have you school or group contact us and we will design a Backpack Project just for your group!

Either way we can certainly put them to good use for you.

We are available to come to visit your group or organization to get project kicked-off and to pickup the backpacks, in the Greater Atlanta area.

Backpacks are typically filled with "stuff" such as personal hygiene items, Bibles, underwear, blankets and pillows, as supplies allow and then distributed to the homeless. Some backpacks are distributed to underprivileged children.

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